Sponsored Video: Puma Social challenges us to live our lives, not watch other peoples!

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Spend less time watching TV and get on and live your life. That’s the message behind Puma’s latest  SOCIAL campaign. Celebrating those who choose to ignore the banality of today’s reality TV stars in favour of creating their own stories with friends and teammates, the film basically encourages us to get off our lazy backsides – if we haven’t already.

Whether it’s playing darts or table tennis, dancing with our friends or shooting pool, the film challenges the millennium generation to break free from the confines of reality TV ‘stars’, fame hunters and prima donnas. Asks the film: “Am I to be a wall of channel surfing and programmed petri dishes? A spew of reality TV stars…Or do you want me more..when life is played and not performed.

Created by the Droga 5 agency and directed by Fredrik Bond, the 90 second film juxtaposes reality TV audio clips with a group of youths getting out and having fun. It features clothes, footwear and accessories from the Spring, Summer and Autumn Winter 2012 Puma Social collection.

As well sponsoring professional athletes during this summer’s London 2012 Olympic games, PUMA Social aims to be the sponsor those obscure, bizarre and after-hour games that bond friends and create ‘remember that night’ moments – in other words the After Hours athlete!

Check out the YouTube video below and make up your own mind.

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