Sponsored video: James Charm on seduction in an elevator

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Another lesson in seduction from charming ladies man, James Charm. In Episode 8, James reveals his secrets  to seducing a lady in an elevator!

Think a lift is a stange place for hitting on girls? Then think again. No matter whether it’s going up or down, sexual tension is always up in an elevator.

Whether the lift is playing hardcore punk or salsa, the elevator provides valuable flirting minutes with an attractive beauty.

Just a few tips on things to avoid if you want to succeed with your elevation seduction techniques. First of all, if some irresistable charm machine is running up to his luxury suite then forget it – just wait for another girl and another elevator.

And unless you really are the aforementioned charm machine then do not press the ‘red button’ to prolong the stay in the elevator, or you might just get a whiff of the tear box vaporiser she has in her handbag.

And while real men do sometimes wear pink, real men don’t cry in elevators! EVER.

You can see more of James’ Top Tips in the video below: