What David Gandy Can Do For Your Style

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Written in association with High and Mighty

As a man, you may feel a bit reluctant to look to the catwalk for fashion inspiration, and with the weird and not-so-wonderful pieces that often make their sorry way down it, you’d be forgiven for your hesitance. However, one feature of the most high-profile catwalks should be allowed to infringe upon your wardrobe choices, no questions asked.

That special feature is model David Gandy. With his dark hair and tall stature, he could so easily be just another male model, but his masculine face and well-built body mean he’s a man real men can aspire to.

If you too have the stature to tower over most men, you could do much worse than to take a few tips from the model’s repertoire when building your own style. Online store High and Mighty caters specifically for tall and large men, so could help you find the clothes that fit for your own spin on David’s winning look.

In recent photos posted to his Vogue blog, David is seen with a goose of all things, wearing dark denim jeans with turn-ups, work boots, a brown leather belt, plain t-shirt and cream scarf. He finishes the look with a chocolate brown jacket for farmer-meets-history teacher cool. His facial hair rounds off a perfect casual style for the masculine man. Oh, and the goose isn’t a requirement. In fact I’d advise against it; hissing isn’t sexy in anyone’s book.

So now you’ve got the idea; simple styles worn to emphasise masculinity, yet not shying away from “softer”, more fashionable accessories that show an awareness of what’s on trend – it’s time to build the look.

Go for earthy shades like browns, olives and tans when choosing boots and belts. You can introduce brighter shades with your scarf or t-shirt, but don’t go for cartoon-worthy colours. If you are tall with very long legs and a short torso, choose longer-length jackets to elongate your upper body.

If your torso is long, wear your jeans as high as possible and expose your belt buckle by half-heartedly tucking your t-shirt in, a look perfected by David in the goose shots.