The best laptop for fashionable men?

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If style is a big driver in your choice of IT hardware then the smartphone – or perhaps it’s over-grown sibling the tablet – might well be the kind of tech that you need to be focussing on.  If however you actually need to use the device for anything as mundane as working – and you are not are not a TV reporter or wedding photographer (I mean, what do you actually use a tablet for, anyway) – the critical criteria for best laptop might well focus on spec rather than style.  In broad aesthetic terms, the same rules that apply to people in high fashion circles generally dictate what constitutes the best laptop: in other words, the thinner, the better.  A secondary – and perhaps less concrete – rule of fashion then comes into play: you get what you pay for.  Perhaps the most sensible way, then, to begin the quest for the best laptop for the fashion conscious man is to get an idea of price ranges at  Once you know what your budget can buy you can start to narrow the field of choice.

Working out the spec you need for the software that you’ll be running is not such an issue as it used to be just a few years ago, with the power and capacity of the average laptop now more than adequate for the vast majority of applications.  If you feel that you would still like to find some objective advice on laptops form a source that is not primarily interested in selling you anything, try looking here:

Right at the top of the price range you’ll find the sleekest laptops under the banners of ultrabook and ultraportable.  The ultrabook category describes light and portable – and therefore thin – laptops that still deliver top end performance.  The lightest example of these serious machines is currently Toshiba’s Satellite Z830, which weighs in at just over a kilo, and has a 128GB memory which is solid state, allowing super fast data transfer.  Intel’s new Hyper threading technology allows the dual core i3-2367M processor to behave like a quad core – for those of you yet to embrace tech geek that means: fast enough!

The Dell XPS 14z claims to be the thinnest laptop to incorporate a DVD drive – something that they simply did not have space to accommodate in the Toshiba Satellite Z830 – and has a larger 14inch screen, compared to the Satellite Z830’s 13.3 inch display.  At just 25mm thick the XPS 14z certainly doesn’t look flabby, but at a weight of just over 2 kilos it is too heavy to officially be included in the ultrabook category – although this distinction may be a little irrelevant to the manly men out there who can manage to heft an extra kilo around town.

For those that want to go for extreme anorexic chic, the Acer Aspire S3 is just 17mm thick (or thin).  This ultra slim profile comes at the cost of wired connectivity, as the Aspire S3 is too thin to incorporate an Ethernet cable port, and internet access is Wi-Fi only.