Look dapper in a…McDonald’s uniform by Wayne Hemingway???

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Wayne Hemingway/Bruce Oldfield McDonald's uniform

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Whether it’s pushing popcorn at a local cinema or flipping burgers beneath the Golden Arches, we’ve all had a crappy job at some point. It’s an important life stage; making you appreciate a hard day’s graft, letting you learn that the customer is always right (even when they are pushy, impatient, jumped-up dickheads), and helping you realise that YOU’VE GOT TO ESCAPE YOUR DEAD END LIFE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

It’s not helped along at all by the frankly embarrassing uniforms that you’re almost guaranteed to be forced to wear. When working in a local cinema chain for example, I had to wear a red short-sleeve shirt that, despite being a size small, would also have served Peter Kay perfectly as a one-man tent come festival season.

Which makes today’s announcement from, of all places, McDonald’s, quite interesting. The fast-food chain have enlisted the help of top designers Wayne Hemingway and Bruce Oldfield to help them create a new uniform line for their employees in time for the Olympics.

Spearheaded by McDonald’s exec Jez Langorne (who remembers with a tear in his eye the pain of donning the company garb in his early junior employee days), the line has been inspired by a 60s look, jumping on the Mad Men cultural bandwagon a bit.

So, fleeces, cheque shirts, polo tops and squat-peaked caps with the usual MaccyD’s coffee and yellow colour scheme will be in, with male managers sporting skinny ties while females get pencil skirts. Old issue plastic aprons will also be recycled, being greenly turned into new staff clothing.

So what do you think of Hemingway and Oldfield’s efforts? Enough to make you WANT a McJob? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll throw a Happy Meal toy in for the best response…