Sponsored video: Chevrolet Volt overcomes range anxiety (and helps you defeat zombies in the process)

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OK so you may not have ever experienced being chased by zombies when your car’s battery dies – like the guys in the video below – but Chevrolet’s Volt will help overcome the ‘range anxiety’ that many people feel when they are driving an electric vehicle.

Neither a hybrid nor a battery electric vehicle, this Extended Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) keeps going when the onboard Lithium Ion battery is depleted thanks to the Volt’s Voltec electric drive. An onboard petrol powered generator extends the car’s range by over 300 miles. That’s pretty handy if you ever find yourself stranded in the desert with the undead on your tail!

The Volt can be plugged into any standard 230V household unit and recharged within four hours while the Volt’s dashboard gives the driver feedback on driving efficiency. A five door model, the Volt features ample space for four passengers and plenty of welly, accelerating from zero to 62 miles per hour in around 9 seconds and with a top speed of around 100 miles per hour.

Five different driving modes are designed to deliver maximum efficiency including normal, sport, mountain, hold and low shift while on board tech features include a six speaker sound system, two interactive LCD screens, DAB radio and iPod/MP3 input.

You can see the video for the Volt below:


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