LONDON 2012: The 5 worst kits of the Olympic Games

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Team GB really lucked out when they managed to bag Stella McCartney’s superb skills for the design of their Adidas Olympic kit. But for some nations, the Olympic catwalk has not been so  kind. Forget the empty seats at many events – for Brandish it’s been far more distressing spotting the sportswear sins some nations have forced upon their top athletes with their official kits. Here we highlight our pick of the worst five, including Team Russia, Team China and Team Germany. Scroll down to check out our picks!

Team Germany

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If ever there was a sporting event where the usual gender divides don't apply, it's got to be the Olympic games. Fair play to Team Germany then for flying in the face of progress when it comes to gender equality with these pink-for-the-ladies and blue-for-the-blokes puffer jackets.