The Many Faces Of The Formal Shoe

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The variety of styles, colours and looks of formal shoes is growing day by day. Long gone are the days of just being able to choose between a black pair and a brown pair, and having to have shoe laces, too. Here’s a look at some of the many new and traditional faces of formal shoes.

Here’s an example of the traditional formal shoe, I just mentioned, right? Wrong. It has much more to it. A traditional formal show with a contemporary twist:







The subtle studs and interesting soles make this shoe ideal for the young entrepreneur who wants to dress for business, but keep his rogue flair intact.






Bold colours are becoming ever more acceptable in formal shoe wear, and it’s also highly popular. These flash red formal shoes can be worn to a posh dinner party, as well as to a wedding to really show off with your style.








Having no laces on your shoes would’ve not that long ago been completely unacceptable, as only six hole shoes were deemed as formal shoes. These no lace and more loafer styled shoes are very popular due to their boot like appeal.








These Jasper boots are borderline formal. You won’t get away with them at a business meeting just yet, but times are changing so keep an eye out for these two leather style ankle boots.

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