Nivea revitalising Skin Energy skincare range is the destroyer of hangover effects

Gerald Lynch Grooming Leave a Comment

“Have at you, hangover bags; be gone!”

That’s the battle cry you’d expect to hear from Nivea’s new revitalising Skin Energy range, were it made up of supernatural warriors that could speak and not inanimate skincare products.

One of the first brands for men to put together a range offering restorative morning powers, Nivea’s latest Q10 line once again wants you to party like there’s no tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that you can hide the effects of a dodgy night out with their new lotions and potions.

Using creatine, guarana and taurine to boost the coenzyme Q10’s effects, there’s a face gel, face cream, cleanser, eye roll-on, shaving gel and post-shave balm to cover each element of your post-boozing session regime.

Prices start at £5.45.

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