10 Men’s Trophy Jumpers to warm your winter wardrobe

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Bit chilly out, isn’t it? If you’re still running about in flip-flops and short sleeves then a) You’re mental and b) take a look at the calendar, it’s the middle of October!

Global warming may be jumbling up the seasons like a misguided game of drunken Twister, but winter’s definitely kicking in now. If the change in weather has caught you by surprise, have no fear! We’ve put together a round up of our favourite trophy jumpers for the season, meaning you’ll be able to make a statement with your knitwear while saving the pennies keeping the immersion heater switched off.

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Topman Red Yoke Stag Pattern Jumper - £38

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Another Topman knit, we'll suffer no crying if Bambi's mother, detailed in the weave, shrinks in the wash. You could see it coming a mile away. £38 from Topshop.

And if you want something classic and stylish try this jumper selection.