Help endangered elephants with fashionable swimming trunks by Love Brand & Co.

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OK you might think we’re insane to even mention swimwear as the autumn chill is swooping across the British Isles, but with many jetting off to warmer climes or taking advantage of the great exercise that swimming provides we just couldn’t help ourselves. But the main reason for shouting about this new swimwear label is the fact that it is dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Love Brand & Co. is the brainchild of young London designer Oliver Tomalin and has launched its first collection of ethical swimwear: Trunks for Trunks. Inspired by the plight of the iconic Asian elephant, 5% of each sale will go towards helping endangered elephants survive in the wild through charity Elephant Family.

The current collection is uses state-of-the-art, soft and fast drying fabric, particularly notable are the silver tusks on the end of the drawstrings. The design is of a classic European cut, loosely tailored for a comfortable fit.

The collection is available in 8 block colours, two stripes and 5 limited edition prints and comes in sizes XXS – XXL. Prices range from £118 – £128 for men’s swimming trunks, £68 to £78 for boys’.

First published on Hippyshopper