Loafers in the winter! Why not!?

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One of my favourite bloke looks ever is Paul Weller in Style Council era, basically around the Cafe Bleu album – see here for evidence. Here the Modfather went back to the original continental influenced mod template and teamed up a light mac with Sta Press and on his feet – well it was always either Brogues or Loafers.

Loafers, especially of tasseled variety – the non tassel version is known in the US as Penny Loafers – are a bit of an odd one really. They have never really been ultra stylish, but never really been too uncool either. Having said that unless you want to find yourself an object of ridicule you really need to wear them the right way.

In the summer this means no socks. But if you do fancy wearing them when the weather gets a bit colder here a few top tips.

1 Be careful what colour socks you wear. They look fine when teamed up with dark socks. Unless you are 22 and sporting a very angular haircut with the cheekbones to match stay away from wearing them with white or light socks as you will look like you are trying way too hard. Stripeys are a no no too.

2 As a rule don’t wear them with jeans.They work with drainpipes, but not really any other denim style. They arguably look best with fitted trousers – think Sta Pres or coloured trousers or dockers.

3 Stick to boring colours – black, brown or at a pinch dark blue. You can get loafers in more, ahem, interesting shades – but they tend to be worn by Italian gentlemen of a certain vintage and generally cost a fortune.

4 Don’t wear them in the snow…

As for brands. We got a lovely pair of black suede tasseled loafers the other day from Coogans London online shoe store. They are made from good quality leather, feel very comfortable and come in black or brown.

Incidentally the store also has a very cool pair of Chelsea Boots which are also on our shopping list.

For slightly more expensive Suede Loafers then M&S have a decent Italian inspired pair of Penny Loafers called Collezione which retail for a penny under £60.

It you are after leather loafers then this dark blue pair from Merton Delicious are rather stylish as are Delicious’ black shoes here.