Brandish Christmas List #1 Roku 2 XS Streaming player

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The tech sites tend to bang on a great deal about how the future of telly is smart and that how one day soon all TVs will be able to access the web and deliver not just Facebook and Twitter but also Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more.

But what if you only bought a nice big 42inch LCD set a couple of years ago and don’t fancy upgrading? Well you need an adapter like the Roku 2 XS Streaming player.

This is a small decoder that hooks up to your telly via the HDMI socket and then watch it deliver shed loads of new services. For it to work you need to be able to connect the box to your router or have a fairly reliable and quick wireless connection.

For your investment of a mere £60 (if you buy 2nd hand on Amazon) or £99.99 from elsewhere, you get BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Facebook, Flickr and a load more. This version also includes a few games, but you can buy a more basic box, the LT, which doesn’t have games or full HD and goes for just £50. Roku is a market leader in the US and is constantly adding new services so more may come online over here soon.

If you can bear to wait a little longer then the company’s next generation device is a tiny stick that you plug into your telly. There’s no details on UK launch yet.