Brandish Christmas List #6 Ede & Ravenscroft stripey scarf and Reefer Jacket

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When it comes to suiting and booting English gentlemen Ede & Ravenscroft tailoring are no johnny come latelys. The company has been in business since 1689, which as all the history buffs among you know that was so long ago William Of Orange was on the throne.

These days the store has a great mix of traditional garments aimed at the elder chap with some nice twists on classics aimed at us ahem, youngsters.

Of the new range the star of the show is this blue wool Reefer jacket. Standard uniform piece issued to the Royal Navy in the mid-1800s this Reefer is distinctive because of its heavy wool and ultra tough horn buttons. It sells for £395.00

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far the company has a lovely range of scarves including gorgeous colored cashmeres and stripey college style wool scarves – see below. This is 180cm long, made from super soft wool and also available in purple, blue and black. Yours for £95.

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