iPad mini versus Kindle Fire HD – search data in US predicts one clear winner

Ashley Gadgets 1 Comment

So have you made your mind up which tablet you are going to buy This Christmas? Is it Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD? Apple’s iPad Mini or a Google Nexus 7? Well according to the latest search related data in the uS from a leading coupon codes website there’s only one winner and it isn’t the one that you would expect.

The site statistics, compiled by www.CouponCodes4u.com, indicate that the new Kindle Fire HD is the must-have tech gadget this Christmas scoring twice as searches as those made for the iPad mini. Of course how those searches translate into real sales remains to be seen but it is more evidence that Apple’s de fact position as the world’s number one tablet maker is under threat.

According to the site ‘During the last three weeks alone, unique on-site searches for the term ‘Kindle Fire HD’ have been more than 12,000 compared to just over 5,800 searches made for the term ‘iPad mini’. Searches for the Amazon- produced tablet totalled more in the first week following its launch announcement, than the first week of the iPad mini.

The survey polled 1,267 American site users, who admitted that they were interested in gadgets and technology.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of CouponCodes4u.com, had the following to say about the results:

“As the tablet becomes the must-have tech gadget in the states, we were interested to see which tablet was the consumer’s top choice. According to on-site statistics, the Kindle Fire tablets seem to be the clear winners in terms of popularity, size and most importantly, price.”

“It is no surprise that although some families would probably love to purchase an iPad mini device for every member of their family, they simply cannot afford the higher costs and would rather purchase a Kindle device instead. This may be one of the reasons behind the lacklustre reception that the latest Apple device has received. With so many tablets to choose from, it is truly a consumer’s market!”