Kurt Cobain’s 50 favourite albums – how many do you own?

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Kudos to Flavorwire for publishing a hand written note from the late Nirvana fella that lists his top 50 albums.

It is a facsinating list in many ways for several of the albums he mentions were, how shall we say, rather uncool in the plaid shirt and super long shorts late 80s and early 90s grunge era.

So while there are plenty of the ususal suspects (Stooges, Sex Pistols and Sonic Youth) there is also The Marine Girls Beach Party (think winsome English lo-fi pop with a pre-Everything But The Girl Tracey Thorn on vocals) and Get The Knack by The Knack (oddball skinny tied power pop from the late 70s which includes My Sharona, but would have had Soundgarden and Mudhoney fans running a mile).  There is also The Shaggs’ Philosophy Of The World which was a dirty secret back then and was viewed as a60s novelty record, not a garage punk masterpiece.

Here’s The Shaggs

Kurt has also chosen for his Beatles album not Revolver or Seargent Pepper but Meet The Beatles – which was basically the US version of the second album With The Beatles but with I Want to Hold Your Hand and I Saw Her Standing There also on board.

Interesting to see that very high on the list is The Pixies Surfer Rosa, the album whose sound Kurt ripped off creatively reinvented more than any other.

So how many do you own or listen to regualrly on Spotify? I have 6? Tell us in the comments.