New books for Smiths/Morrissey obsessives – Morrissey International Airport and an updated Mozipedia

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There was a time when stalking pop stars was largely the preserve of oddballs with way too much time and money on their hands. Not any more though for in among the Japanese super fans and Scandi wouldbe groupies you are probably going to meet someone looking for material to turn into a book. Step forward Dickie Felton who has just issued an intriguing new tome called Morrissey International Airport.

The premise is fairly simple. Dickie follows the iconic last great pop star across the globe taking in ten concerts in five countries. This however isn’t just some dull set of gig reviews. The most fascinating part of the story are the words of the super fans Dickie meets along the way. Like Margaret from Fresno who travelled 5,000 miles for a handshake. And Manchester teen, Curtis, who manages 27 concerts in barely a year? Are they sane functioning individuals who are just living out their dreams? Or just the modern day equivalent of pigeon fanciers or bird watchers? Is there something specific about Morrissey that attracts this kid of devotion? Actually we already know the answer to that one. The book is available from here for £11.

As someone who is more than a little partial to the music of The Smiths, and who would include Vauxhall and I in his list of favourite albums ever, I am also rather excited by the arrival of the latest version of Mozipedia.

Originally issued in 2009 this huge tome from the pen of Simon Goddard is a Moz obsessives dream in that it takes apart all of the films, bands and writers who made the be-quiffed man he is today. It is a superb read, though beware. If you are anything like me it is sure to get you spending hours on YouTube looking for Italian Eurovision singers. It has been out for month or so and is available in a paperback edition for £10.49. There is a Kindle version too.

Finally check out this. Raid 71 aka as Chris Thornley is a graphic designer who has produced a series of Penguin type book covers based on Morrissey/Smiths lyrics. They are gorgeous to look at and you can but a few of them as posters here.