So you want cheap Cashmere – here are six brands with jumpers for less than £100

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Until about five years ago Cashmere jumpers were the preserve of ladies who lunch, golfers and tourists looking to take home something suitably pricey and Scottish (which they had invariably bought on London’s Regent Street !?). But then something very odd happened. Stores like Uniqlo and M&S began to sell Cashmere knitwear at prices that mere mortals could afford and soon pretty much everyone was clamouring to own at least one Cashmere jumper.

The reason why Cashmere wins out is that in knitwear soft wool rules, and it doesn’t come much more luxurious or gentle on the skin that cashmere. And the reason why it used to be so pricey is that it comes from Cashmere goats and it takes two or three goats to produce a jumper’s worth of material. Also processing the fibre into yarn isn’t easy or cheap.

What has happened in the last few years is that the centre of the Cashmere universe has shifted from Mongolia and Turkey to China which has emerged as the world’s top producer – hence prices have fallen. There are still some environmental issues about Cashemere production but you are probably reading this to score a cheapish jumper for Christmas so lets not go too far into them now.

Here’s the list of links of the jumpers we have covered, now hit the gallery to see the pics.

French Connection

Zara Cable £79.99

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Cable knit in fetching grey and not too tasteful weird brown. There's a V neck for the same price in lots of colours - it has an odd V though. There are cardigans and hoodies too