Take care of your skin with new Dove Men+Care face range

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Just as guys like their women to look their best, women also like their men to be well-groomed. If you fall into the category of men whose skin care regime consists of a quick wash with any old soap, followed by shaving with a blunt, old razor and overdosing on aftershave, here’s a little tip: change it. There’s nothing less sexy than cuts from using that old razor, dry skin and blackheads…

Luckily, help is at hand! The new Dove Men+Care Face Range offers a cutting edge line of products to make you look and feel your best. Building upon the existing Men+Care deodorants and shower gels, the face range consists of cleansers, post-shave balms and moisturisers designed to end skin discomforts.

Each product has its own unique fragrance created by fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb. Choose between four ranges: Hydrate+, Sensitive+, Revitalise+ and Deep Clean+ depending on what your skin needs.

Need more help? Here are some top man-tenance tips courtesy of Dove:

1. Morning and night, was your face.. with a face wash for men
2. When washing your face, dry and moisturise. And don’t use your partner’s, invest in your own
3. Shave with a cream, foam or gel – whichever you prefer
4. After shaving, use a post-shave balm – it takes 10 seconds for hours of comfort

The Dove Men+Care range is available now from Boots.