What to look for when buying a vintage or used racing bicycle – video

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So you you have set your heart set on the type of bike that Eddy Merckx used to spin around the Alps on in the 70s. Well you clearly have taste. There’s no denying that older racing bikes from the 60s through to the 90s have a tad more style than lot of today’s racers and consequently they have become much sought after.

The trick thouguh is to make sure that the bike you buy is vintage gold rather than a crock that will fall to bits within weeks of you buying it.

We asked Phil from Love Bikes London to take us through what you should look for when buying a vintage racer.

His top tips are

1 Make sure you don’t buy a nicked bike
2 A little rust and wear and tear is ok, but you need to check to see if the bike has suffered any serious damage
3 The most important part of the frame. If that ok you can rebuild much of the rest of the bike,. If that’s gone move on
4 20-30 year old wheels are fine. But if they look a little worn probably best to replace them
5 If you are not too hot on cycle upkeep make sure you are friends with someone who is like, off the top of my head Lovebikes London.