The Unmissables – the top ten debut albums of 2012

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It is almost the end of the year so time to start compiling those best of 2012 lists, and to kick things off we thought we ‘d take a look at the best debut albums.

There has been an explosion of  great new guitar bands this year. From Alabama Shakes in the States through to Sweden’s bizarrely monikered Goat, the new breed are playing intelligent, tough but catchy pop songs, often rooted in the past but given a very contemporary spin by mixing and matching musical genres and trends.

Here then is our top ten. In no particular order. They are all available on Spotify. And you can hear a selection of the tracks on our playlist under the image.

Any we have missed?

Beaulieu Porch

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Imagine a bloke in Wiltshire trying to re-create Seargent Pepper in his attic room studio and you get the debut album from The Porch. At times, on Laminations Are Loaded and Keep On Screaming, they deliver some of the best Beatley Psych for decades. Highly recommended.