Brandish Christmas List #8 Polka Dot Hankyz

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So you want to add a splash of colour to your suit pocket but can’t be bothered spending time folding up and constantly readjusting handkerchiefs. Well a new Brit innovation has come to your rescue. Hankyz sounds perfect for us – the would be dandy who can’t bring themselves to make too much effort.

Basically you get your handkerchief and a folded card that fits in the pocket making it easy to for you to create the desired look by finding the just the right amount of polka dot (or paisley or block colour) to show.

The company is playing up the patriotic card too by naming its ranges after iconic British places. There is also a premium wedding collection which will give the best man one less thing to worry about as the ushers and groom will be in perfect unison.

The man behind Hankyz British entrepreneur Robert Stiff says.

“I love wearing handkerchiefs in my top pocket as it brightens up even the greyest of suits,” said Robert. “But I am always fiddling around with it making sure it stays in one place so our idea was to keep the hassle out of what is a very simple yet visually impressive fashion accessory.”

Prices range from £28 – £39.50 including VAT. Details here.