10 fashion items that your bloke (not so) secretly hates

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Guest blogger Becca Caddy writes…

We’re guessing that many of you will have been down at the pub when a debate kicks off about why women dress a certain way, whether it’s always to please men, please themselves or show off in front of their mates (or secret answer d. all of the above)

Well we’re not psychologists, so can’t give you a definitive answer, but whether guys play a role in how women dress or not, it’s pretty clear some sartorial choices that are really popular among womenkind really REALLY irritate some men.

We conducted a study (OK, so we asked our Facebook and Twitter mates) into which style choices women make that really get to blokes and as you’d expect there’s some of the usual suspects, some surprise appearances and some that were just far too explicit to include.

Men, prepare to get agitated and angry, women, do whatever you like and never feel like you have to throw away those old UGGs that smell like wet dogs just to please a guy…

Thanks to everyone who got back to us, we’ve included some of your quotes throughout the gallery, but do let us know in the comments below if there are any we’ve missed out.

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7 Leggings

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It's another one that's detested by men and women alike, but it's not the leggings themselves many of us have an issue with, but the terrible way some choose to wear them or the ridiculous patterns they have printed on them. Even the slimmest of arses can't seem to get away with the leggings-and-tiny-top combo, because, well, it's not what they were made for. They make everyone look a bit podgy and one guy told us "I also really don't dig ladies wearing leggings, especially when you can see through them", which men would normally love, but squished under slightly see-through, vacuum leggings? Not hot. Well not much.



Football shirt

Cowboy Boots




High heels

Harem Pants