Brandish Christmas List #10 Sparta RX PLUS Cross-Bar Electric Bike

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Electric cycles, or E-Bikes as they are commonly known, are big sellers in cycling-friendly parts of Europe like Germany and Holland. As for the UK it is still early days. One company that is doing its best to get more Britons on to E-bikes is JustEBikes. It has a large range of models and on its websites you’ll find a very useful – which E-bike is best for you? questionnaire top help you choose the best bike.

I went through it and landed on the top end model the Sparta RX PLUS Cross-Bar Electric Bike. The key to this bike; performance is that it has a very lightweight Lithium Ion battery. This means that it has a range of up to 65 miles from a single charge which is way more than most E-Bikes. The Level of assistance is directly proportional to pedal pressure – so the faster you pedal the more the engine carries you. there is also a thumb switch selects Zero, Low, Medium or High assistance levels, depending on whether you are about to tackle a huge hill or not. There are eight in-hub gear to choose from too.

You can see how fast you are traveling on a large clear display that also shows power setting, battery charge level, range, time and temperature. The bike has a very comfy seat too courtesy of a sprung seat post and front fork suspension.

It is on sale for £2,175.00. Other cheaper models are here.