The Unmissables – the top 15 Psychedelic albums of 2012 – Tame Impala, Mmoss, Alfa 9 and more

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Here at Brandish Towers we are huge psych fans. From the bonkers nursery rhymes on acid tunes of early Floyd through to the dream pop melange that is The Horrors we can’t get enough of it.

Here then are our favourite Psychedelic albums of 2012. It does of course  beg the question what exactly is Psychedelia?

Literally it is mind expanding music which over time has come to be associated with bands in thrall to its golden age of the late 60s.

These days it has become more of a catch all term though for bands who take mind expanding music from the past (Kraut Rock, Shoegazing, Dream pop and even a bit of prog) and give it a contemporary spin.

This year has all been about the huge success of Tame Impala. They are, however, the tip of a very large iceberg. Labels like Trouble In Mind in the US and Ample Play in the UK as well mags like Shindig and blogs like The Active Listener show just how exciting and diverse the psych scene currently is.

Here then are our favourite  15. What have we missed? Tell us in the comments. Spotify playlist below too.

Here our are top debut albums and singer-songwriter albums too.

1 The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Aufheben

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After a couple of more experimental albums the BJM return to what they do best with one amazing album. The opener Panic In Babylon is a wonderful clarion call with its eastern sounding instruments propelled along by a dazzling, almost danceable groove. Viholliseni Maala finds the band heading for Stereolab territory while I Want To Hold Your Other Hand is vintage BJM with a gorgeous floaty guitar solo. It all climaxes in the epic Blue Order New Monday, a hypnotic seven minutes of repetitive beats, droney guitars and gentle vocals. This is a magnificent album from the band, certainly their best in a decade, and underlines once again that when it comes to creating contemporary psychedelic music the BJM are still setting the agenda.