Eau de Bonnie Prince Billy – Will Oldham launches his very own fragrances

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There’s a long hisory of female pop stars launching their own fragrances in a bid to prise just a few more quid from the pockets of their teenage fans.

But hoary old alt-country types haven’t tended to dabble too often in the cologne market – well not until now. For Will Oldham, probably better known to you as Bonnie Prince Billy, has collaborated with Sanae Intoxicants to create his very own fragrance. the bottles go on sale today priced at $220. (Samples are also available upon request.)

Diane Pernet’s blog has the skinny on the fragrance

“It was originally based off a palette Mr. Oldham shared with SANAE INTOXICANTS which included a note of his own inspiration: the scent of the Agarwood tree, also known as ‘oud’ which is not only a fragrance that has been used in perfumery dating back to the most ancient times, but also a beautiful Middle Eastern string instrument.”
In addition to the oud scent, the limited, handcrafted fragrance includes “Egyptian jasmine, French mimosa, and the rare, exotic oils of Mukhallat and kewda.”

Sounds great. Get it here.

Via Pitchfork