Manuka redesigns the belt – now with added magnets

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Here’s a classic Brandish story. It combines style, technology and our favourite website Kickstarter, which pretty much sums up what we are all about.

Anyhow, belts, as you know, are fairly boring affairs. Not in terms of style but in the way they work with buckles and holes. This design revolutionises the boring common belt, making it smoother and simpler. Instead of a buckle and holes mechanism, the Manuka Belt uses a series of powerful magnets. According to Manuka they mix the material and then magnetise it to give it its unique properties.

Rather than the fastening clasp, the two sides of the belt are held together by the powerful magnetic force. And the magnets are pretty powerful they will take well over 20 pounds of force before they budge, which should it theory be more than enough to keep your trews in place.

Anyway the belt is on Kickstarter and the agency behind it needs to raise £22k. They are already well on their way and scored 50 backers within an hour of launch. The belts start at around £20 and there are various different types and designs and you can see them all on the Kickstarter page.