The ultimate pen – Ajoto hits Kickstarter

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We don’t tend to use pens too much these days. I personally archive things on my iPad and my phone so I can access them digitally and the days of recording everything in a notebook are long gone.

The theory goes though that if you are going to use a pen you might as well have a decent one, which is why we like the Ajoto Project, which has just hit Kickstarter, so much.

Basically the company lets you put together your very own pen choosing different elements which have been carefully sourced and apparently very good quality. So you choose your pen bod – will you go aluminium or will you go brass? – and then the pen’s tops and finally the packaging and they type of refill you require (rollerball or ballpoint?). prices start at around £60.

The Ajoto team says that the pens are also designed to ‘reduce waste and eradicate the use of harmful chemicals from everything we do. We have worked hard to use materials which are recyclable and can be traced to their source.’

The Kickstarter page is here.