2012’s 21 hottest gadgets – iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I’m Watch and more

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Our pals over at Tech Digest have seen an awful lot of gadgets this year. They have checked out the latest Smart TVs, weighed up whether the iPad mini is worth the extra dosh over the Google Nexus 7 and snapped away on the latest cameras.

So we asked them to help us come up with the year’s 21 best gadgets. Obviously it is tablets and phones that grab the limelight, but we have also added TVs, cameras, watches and whole load more.

Here then are the 21 gadgets that we consider to be the be desirable of this year’s selection.

What have we missed? Tell us in the comments.



Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Price dependent on network

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And to think that Samsung thought that the Note was going to be a niche product... It turned out that millions of tech heads loved the idea of the five inch screen of this Phablet and the Note became a huge hit. Version two is an across the board update with a tweaked processor, slightly larger screen and significantly improved battery life. If you want a big phone then this is the one.

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