Men in tights! The awful truth about Meggings and the tabloid frenzy they have whipped up

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Mention men in tights and I get images of thespians prancing about in medieval costumes reciting the words of the great bard. However if you believe the papers today you soon might be seeing men in tights – or Meggings as they have come to be known – on a street near you.

Meggings have apparently become a cult clothing item in Manhattan and have got both the Telegraph (taking fashion world by storm!) and the Mail (must-have fashion item) very excited this morning. Both claim that at least one high street retailer, Uniqlo, is selling them this side of the Atlantic.

But are they really tights for blokes? They look a lot to me like Long Johns which men have been wearing since, ooh, the Crimean war and are available in many high street stores. The Uniqlo ones are part of their Heattech range and have been available for ages. I guess the difference is that Long Johns are worn under trousers while Meggings are worn instead of trousers.

A quick trawl did reveal this pair from ASOS (which look like they are supposed to be worn with shorts) and also a leopard print pair – but Dave Lee Roth and other hair metal types have been wearing these for decades. You see them occasionally on Russell Brand wannabes in East London too. Mick Jagger has been spotted wearing them too – but then his crimes against fashion are notorious.

I do think this might be one fashion trend that disappears very quickly.

If you are tempted to pull them off you will need great legs for a start. Perhaps the best way to wear them would be under shorts in a way that many women do these days.

Would you wear them then?