Arsenal to sign Nani. Walcott to United. Has Arsene Wenger completely lost the plot?

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Ok, so it is just weeks before the transfer window moves from being a squillion speculative articles to a precious few days when deals can be done, contracts signed and managers re-asessed. So we are still in silly season mode.

One story that Gunners fans probably hope is the product of a over active imagination is the mooted move of Manchester United’s out of favour winger Nani to Arsenal for what one paper says could be around £20 million and others are suggesting might be a straight swap for Theo Walcott. By the reaction of Arsenal blogs and forums this really would not go down well.

What Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board need at the moment is to re-earn the trust of the Arsenal fans. Signing Nani would torpedo that potentially for good.

Ok, in the interest of balance let’s look at the positives. Nani is undoubtedly a talented player who had his moments at United. I remember him tearing Arsenal apart at a game at The Emirates a few seasons ago.  He has also had several years experience of playing in the Premiership – unlike a lot of Wenger’s mooted signings – so there would be no settling in time. He is also quite a marketable player. If he were a success expect to see lot of shirts with his name on around The Emirates. In these recessionary times we shouldn’t forget that Nani is lot cheaper to display on the back of your shirt than say, Oxlade Chamberlain!

Many Arsenal fans though have a real downer on the player believing that his inconsistency betrays a very real talent. From laziness through to a propensity to fall over at the slightest nudge he doesn’t seem in any way to be the answer to Arsenal’s rather pressing problems.

Even if he weren’t playing for United I guess most fans would be aghast at the signing. But taking a reject from one of the team’s biggest rivals makes you run the risk of being seen as a laughing stock.

Over the last three years Arsenal have sold their best players and replaced them with signings who are on balance 20% less talented. Carzola may be great but he is not Fabregas. Giroud is no Van Perise and Gervinho no Nasri. Nani is a downgrade on Walcott – 20% less talented, committed and useful.

To make things worse one possible option would have Walcott going the opposite way in a swap deal. Losing Walcott would be terrible. Losing him to a Premiership club would be disastrous. Losing him to the team that already has the player he teamed up so well with at the end of last season is unforgivable.

I am sure that most Arsenal fans are hoping that the Nani deal is little more than a bit of old school paper talk and that Wenger has Zaha already lined up. If Nani does end up at The Emirates though and isn’t amazing in his first four games, then Arsene Wenger might find that even fewer people, still subscribe to the Arsene Knows creed.

Btw here’s why tonight’s game against Bradford could be the Gunners biggest game of the year so far.


By Ashley | December 11th, 2012

  • Asnah husin

    i think nani will be a great and very cheap buy for us plus lets not forget this player has won more things than any of our best players we’ve got just shocked that united dont want to trade him for whilshire coz than they can buy walcott for 8 mill and that makes more sense,and with that money we can buy huntelaar….what wenger needs most at this point in time is a load of new very good experienced players to play alongside  the ones he just brought that actually will believe in his tactics and get rid as many of the dibeleivers out to united and wish them luck….nani and huntelaar are way way better and more experianced in winning games than anyone of uor best talents we got ,coz they can take the lead and change games on thier own more frequent then what we have…we have a bunch of sulking idiots that have  not won or even contended for anything and they sulk even more than nani so at least nani has won something so i think 20 mill. is very cheap and represent a good buy or a good trade for whilshire coz im sure once walcott goes ,next season whilshire or a.ox.chamb. will start sulking like walcott coz i dont see arsenal winning anything this year and with the fans great help in asking wenger to leave this year ,,it wont take long for those young talents to want to do the same as walcott and jump to united since they already will boast the most young english players in one team..esoecially if they get walcott,zaha ,butlandand ince to join rooney cleverly ,welbeck,smalling,jones and ashley young coz im sure they want to have a better chance of winning a world cup before they retire and they can only get better the more they play with each other in united..coz united will always compete in major tournaments and sometimes win them as oppossed to joining any other team..every players dream is to win a world cup and im sure they are no diffrent..i think we must get stromg french based players that beleive in wenger like what we had during viera days and that was when arsene was at his best,managing players that understood his language and much more stronger and faster and more imposing we only have ourselves to blame when we ask wenger for some british players on our side but lets face it,wenger is better managing french speaking players as they will believe in him coz he is the best french manager of his generation so let the man buy as many french bettalions as he can get and get rid of all the sulking english ones coz they are all over payed and over priced and wont win you anything unless they are managed by alex ferguson coz they prabably can understand scottish cursed words of wisdom rather than french litrature …the sooner this happens the better for arsenal coz i cant wait to see wenger build another foreigne french based team actually winning and competeing for titles like the viera days