Stutterheim brings Swedish old school raincoats to the UK

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I am not sure about those grimmest winter in 100 years predictions but the weather is bound to take a turn for the worse in the coming weeks and get colder and damper .

So now is probably a really good time to invest in a raincoat that comes from a place where they know all about harsh climates. The Stockholm coat comes from a Swedish company Stutterheim who have just started shipping across most of the globe.

The Stutterheim range is the brainchild of one Alexander Stutterheim who takes his inspiration from his grandfather, a keen fisherman who went out in all weathers.

‘I discovered his old rain coat in an abandoned barn. In that moment, old memories struck me and I instantly wanted to wear his coat. It was both stunningly cool and very practical too (although big as a tent). Carefully, I brought it back home to my kitchen and imagined it in an updated, contemporary version. A homage to my granddad, and the quest for life.

After my discovery, I went out to buy a piece of oilcloth. I put it on the kitchen floor and cut out a design using the old coat as a pattern. I showed the sample to a couple of friends. And after some improvement, there it was – the 60‘s raincoat from the archipelago, updated to fit the modern man.’

Stutterheim now offers a range of coats all hand made in Sweden, with the most expensive being the £750 Avrid (above), a version of Alexander’s grandfather’s old city coat which is made from heavy duty, waxed cotton fabric and has a cotton lining.

At the other end of the scale is the £158 Stockholm Bla (blue) (below) and features double welded seams on a cotton fabric which you keep warm by using the snap closures and drawstrings.

Maybe it is not something you’d wander round too many English cities wearing, but it is perfect for days out when you have a choppy, wistful sea as a backdrop.

Btw check out the Stutterheim website for some great pics and an interesting taken on why Sweden has produced so many great melancholics – August Strindberg, Ingmar Bergman, First Aid Kit.

They also have a pop up store on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch coming next week.

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