Words you should never have on your Twitter/LinkedIn profile – guru, evangelist, jedi and more

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Everyone wants more Twitter followers and there are two ways to get them.

1 Go on to Fiverr and find someone who will magically add 1000 to your list over night

2 Create an intriguing profile, tweet about interesting things, chat with other people on Twitter and be generous in who you follow.

Option 1 takes you 24 hours, whereas option two is much more worthwhile but takes a life time.

However one way to ensure that you don’t get lots of Twitter followers is to have a profile that makes you sound like a bit of a  dick.

So we went on Twitter and asked people which words you should never use to describe yourself unless you want to be perceived as the social media equivalent of Alan Partridge – here’s what they said.

1 Guru – So you are a guru. Says who? Oh you do. No guru in the history of the word ever called themselves a guru. Other people called them that. Calling yourself a social media guru makes you sound as if you discovered Twitter six months ago and are trying to make up for lost time.

2 Evangelist – Again, fine if you are out every day on your soap box spreading the Good News. Totally unforgivable if you are just trying to come up with fancy way of describing your marketing role

3 Jedi – So where’s your light saber then? Does The Force help you to increase the number of likes on your brand’s Facebook page? Thought not.

4 Maven – So web 2.0. Most people don’t known what it is and think you are describing yourself as a bird – but you have mistaken the m for the r on your keyboard. Seer is even worse.

5 Wizard – Harry Potter has a lot to answer for.

6 Trainee (insert ironic job title like Lighthouse Keeper, Bouncy Castle Repairer etc) – You are so wacky…

Come on – share yours