Should he stay or should he go? What the papers/blogs says about Arsene Wenger after the Bradford defeat

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So it is time to put the knife into Arsene. With a whiff of blood in their nostrils Fleet Street’s finest haven’t been slow to put the knife in

First up The Telegraph which asks – will Arsene Wenger ever win another trophy?

“Arsene Knows”, they used to say at the Emirates. “You don’t know what you’re doing”, they chant today. So what is the truth – can Wenger really build another great Arsenal side.”

Then David Maddock in The Mirror reports on the gallows humour that surrounds the Arsenal boss

“Sometimes in life, things become so bleak, they actually take on a morbid humour.

For Arsene Wenger, that moment arrived midway through the first half at Valley Parade, when the rabid home fans offered him a chorus of “You’re getting sacked in the morning”.

The Arsenal boss’s features flickered for a second into a cracked smile – so rare in recent times it was almost a collectors’ item.”

He then goes onto report that it was if Arsenal thought they were playing Barcelona and that Wenger’s team talk at half time was so animated you could hear in the Bradford’s Dressing Room.

At The Mail Gunners fan Matt Fortune  has now decided enough is enough and that Arsene should be given his P45

“And herein lies a problem. No-one has ever been held accountable for their mistakes under Wenger. In his admittedly admirable approach, he’s not so much the first line of defence, but the only one, the bodyguard, the father figure for those who let him down with such worrying frequency.

With no fear of repercussions for a poor day at the office, standards inevitably slip. If your position isn’t under threat – something accentuated by the dearth of quality throughout the rest of the squad – why raise your game?

In the transfer window, the myth that Wenger doesn’t spend exists because he sells his most valuable assets at a high price. In fact he merely replaces the departed with several significantly inferior others.

What is true is that he no longer spends wisely; you can get two Javier Hernandez’s for one Gervinho, for example.
Wenger used to know where to find a deal, now all he seems to find are duds. And no longer do I believe he can turn it around.”

The bloggers have got it in for Arsene too. Le Grove has been consistently critical of the Arsenal manager for a few seasons now, he thinks a lot of it is down to the manager’s approach to selling and buying players.

“Wenger’s successful years were when, and only when he spent big money, well it was big in those days. Since he stopped spending, we’ve won nothing, and qualifying for a competition that we never win, doesn’t count. Sorry.

When you’ve done all that, return your annual salary, your bonus, your car keys and don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.”

It is a theme echoed by Arseblog who has taken a more balanced view of Arsenal’s trouble this year. However even he concludes

“There is under-performance from top to bottom. The lack of drive and ambition from those who run the club is transmitted to the manager who transmits it to the players and that’s why we lose games to Swansea, to Norwich, and to Bradford City. Something needs to change, and needs to change quickly. Not just in terms of personnel but the whole attitude of the club. Do we exist simply to milk the cash cows of the Premier League and Europe (perhaps not for long the way this season is going), to make a handsome return on an investment for a hands-off, stay-away owner, or as a football club that wants to win things and be successful?

Sadly, tragically, it’s not the latter.”

So should Arsene stay or go? Vote in the poll.