The best Christmas gifts for her: gadgets, fashion, accessories and beauty

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Let’s talk Christmas guys. Have you started thinking about presents for the missus yet, or will you do a mad dash around the shops the last weekend, picking up things willy-nilly without any thought or love put into it? I’ll be honest, unless it’s a really expensive diamond ring or a trip to Tokyo, most women will notice that you haven’t put much planning into your shopping and resorted to the last-minute-panic-buy approach. We’re clever that way you see.

Now you haven’t got much time if you’d like to give your lady a great gift this year. But don’t panic just yet. Over on Brandish’s sister-sites ShinyShiny and ShinyStyle there are some superb Christmas gift ideas that I’m sure your girlfriend/fiance/wife would like – and five Christmas gifts women definitely DON’T want to find under the tree this year.

If she’s a geeky girl, here are 10 cool gadgets and accessories, all over £100 to make sure you’ll stay in the good books, or if you’ve spent a bit too much going out with your mates, 10 rather fun gifts under £50. For the more fashion and beauty obsessed girl, you can find 25 Christmas gifts women want easily or if you’re thinking about getting her a jumper look no further – these are the 10 best Nordic-inspired sweaters around.

While you think about which Christmas gift list to browse, here are the Victoria’s Secret Angels singing a festive song. I know, we think about everything… Happy shopping!