Farrell’s Night Bus From Hell Survival Kit

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There are two very good reasons to love Farrell Menswear. Firstly they have some of the most stylish, classic menswear in the UK – in their own words think ‘the perfectionism of Savile Row tailoring, the practical elegance of Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer, the straight arrow modernism of Paul Weller.’

Secondly they have one of the best websites (and its accompanying blog) in UK style. The brand is currently running a Festive Survival Guide which teams up some clothes to get you through some tricky siuations from Christmas parties to post hangover breakfasts.

Our favourite though is the ‘A Naval Touch for The Night Bus from Hell’ which is featured above. It includes the brand’s classic Pea Coat, a striking, and incredibly warm looking cable knit cardigan and a rather lovely pair of wool grey trousers which oddly enough I can’t find on their website. I’ll pass on the tech though (old school BlackBerry – no ta) and I think I might be a bit big for the knickers.

Farrell do have some really gorgeous things in their current range. Here are a few of them. Oh, and the third reason to love them is the video below of their founder which always makes me smile. Details of all the products (and that blog too) here.

Farrell Pea Coat £300

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This is a fairly traditional Pea Coat in Navy with anchor buttons underlining that maritime theme