Got a spare $6.6 million? Then you can buy the world’s most expensive men’s wardrobe

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US blogger Tie a Tie has put together a list of what he reckons are the most expensive items which together would deliver the world’s most expensive men’s wardrobe. And as the bloggers says himself

I think this is the perfect example that money can’t buy style, and certainly can’t buy class.

So what do you get for your cash?

A blingtastic suit that costs $900,000 and is the fruits of a collaboration between luxury designer Stuart Hughes (who is British) and tailor Richard Jewels. It is made from fine cashmere and silk blend, and is decorated with a trip of 480 diamonds with a total weight of 240 carats.

To go with the suit you need a $45,000 Eton shirt which is a tad pricey as it is made from Egyptian cotton and has dozens of diamonds on the studs and cufflinks.

You also get a tie that costs nearly a quarter of a million dollars and the most hideous looking umbrella which will set you back $50,000.

The whole wardrobe is here.