Less Privacy for Lower Premium – Insurance Gadgets

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Technology has been evolving rapidly over the past decade with many devices becoming almost vital to our everyday lives. What was once a cordless brick of a telephone attached to a backpack for signal has now become something not only more advanced but also far removed from the original idea. The innovative concept of a world wide web of news and information has now evolved to become a representation of our personalities and interests. Technology is not only something you can switch on with a button, but rather something switched on intuitively to our every want and demand.

However with technology we do pay a price; the price of our privacy. Between Google and Facebook, the internet knows everything about you. Your hobbies, favourite restaurants, who your friends are, what your job is and all your naughty secrets. New technologies might make your life easier, but let’s face it; they also make your life a lot more public.

Can less privacy in technology ever be used for the power of good I hear you ask? According to the car insurance industry, one gadget might do just that. Telematics car devices have been emerging all over the car insurance market and have considerably grown in popularity in recent times. The gadget is designed to monitor when, how far and how fast you drive in order to determine how ‘safe’ of a driver you actually are, and also potentially be eligible for up to 30% off current car insurance premiums.

Car insurance compare site, comparethemarket.com says that for the estimated 90% of drivers who believe they are safe behind the wheel, the Telematics gadget would be an ideal way for them to save money on their insurance premiums. By encouraging safer driving, Telematics monitoring systems also have the added value of making the roads a much safer place with less crashes and fatalities.

There have been a number of gadgets and technologies designed for safer driving, such as the reverse camera and sensors which have become a staple in new car ranges, but until now, none that have been designed to award the driver for taking the necessary precautions to making roads safer for everyone.

Less privacy, some might say, is not a problem if you have nothing to hide. In the circumstance of Telematics car gadgets, this assumption couldn’t be closer to the truth. If you are a conscientious and careful driver and you let that be known to your insurer, then you get rewarded by saving money on your insurance premium. If you have been known to drive a little erratic at times, then stick to your current insurance plan. A simple solution for all involved.

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