Five aspirational cars from the 90s – now going cheap(ish)

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Over the next year or so you are going to be partying like it is err 1996. Yep, you can’t move for 90s stars trying to resurrect their careers (coughs, Noel Gallagher, The Spice Girls) and then there are lot of bands who take at least some of their cues from Brit Pop – stand forward Jake Bugg.

Apparently, according to there has been a surge in demand for the decade’s coolest aspirational cars. So here are five of the most desirable. Personally give me one of these any day.

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Lotus Elise £7,800

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A mid-engined roadster launched in 1996, the Elise became famous for its fast acceleration, despite a relatively low power output thanks to its light fibreglass body. Well known owners in the 1990s included Vinnie Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Belinda Carlisle. Now available for less than £8,000.