Houllier tells French TV Thierry Henry might not be going to Arsenal – no contact between the clubs

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More problems for Arsene Wenger this morning. It seemed as if Arsenal’s greatest ever striker, Thierry Henry, was destined to return to the club for a third spell this winter. Many papers have suggested that this is a done deal and that Henry would be at the club for several weeks and could even play for The Gunners in the Champions league.

However if Arsene Wenger does want the 35 year old in his squad he needs to get a bit of a move on.

For Gerald Houllier who is New York Red Bull’s Head of Global Soccer, told French TV network Canal+ that there has been no contact between the two clubs.

“I find it strange what we hear in the media. If Arsene needed him, he would have called me or (sporting director) Andy Roxburgh, but this is not the case. I do not think both parties need to have this second comeback. Moreover he has become a dad again. I think he will appreciate this truce. ”

So is Henry coming. Do Arsenal need him? Might this be a cameo too far?

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By Ashley | December 17th, 2012

  • not the player he was but remains a legend

  • goonereris

    Why should Henry not coming mean “more problems for Wenger this morning”? If no contact has been made, you will assume Wenger hasn’t made up his mind about the deal, so why are we making such a fuss about the likelihood he won’t be coming?