Gareth Bale – is he going to Real Madrid/Barcelona? And why Spurs might not miss him

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As Arsene Wenger has found to his cost, sell your best players and it becomes very hard to stay a top team. And that’s a dilemma that must be uppermost in the mind of one André Villas-Boas as he ponders the future of Gareth Bale.

There’s no denying the huge talent of the Welsh full back/winger/striker and there are no shortage of clubs keen to secure his services.

A few weeks ago Spain was being talked of as the most likely destination for Bale, if he does choose to move this summer, with Jose Mourinho apparently keen enough to fork out the £50 million or so it would take to reunite Bale with his old mucker Luka Modric. Though it should be added that Mourinho’s future at Real seems to be in some doubt.

For AVB then the decision is a tricky one. Sell Bale, and he’ll need the board to back him, and he has a huge war chest with which to build a new team. But if he does sell him he will run the risk of seriously alienating some of the fans.

The interesting bit though is the question – how useful has Bale been to Tottenham this season? This chart from our mates at Bantr illustrates that not only do Spurs not miss Bale, they have actually performed slightly better without him. Obviously there would be a huge hole were AVB to cash in on Bale but if the figures are similar at the end of the season surely the temptation to sell Bale to a Spanish club would be overwhelming.

So why have Spurs not played so well when Bale has been in the team. Any theories Spurs fans?

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By Ashley | December 18th, 2012

  • Peter Dog1

    stupid article….lazy journalism / blogging “Spain seems the most likely destination for Bale”…..

    based on what, reading the daily mail? and the stats not only take in bale`s early career at spurs but meaningless europa and league cup games he did not play in – of course he would be missed



    A very poor attempt at an article and one which lacks an iota of research. The comment “For AVB then the decision is a tricky one. Sell Bale and he has a huge war chest with which to build a new team. But if he does sell him he will run the risk of seriously alienating some of the fans.” demonstrates the clear lack of grasp about the way the football club is run. Levy makes the decisions and whilst AVB would deal with the outcome, any semi-knowledgeable football fan knows the situation. Perhaps the scribbler of this travesty of an article might find a trade that better suits his “talent”. Dreadful!!!

  • Chris the yid

    Thing is, bale will leave at some point if he keeps playing as well as he is, wouldn’t begrudge him the chance to play at a team like barca or real. I think we need to accept that we still can’t compete with these teams as regards success/prestige and wages. Take the £50mil and invest in 2 or 3 promising players eg willian, eriksen. Isn’t all about 1 player, we just need to invest the money well.

  • W R Alexander

    Why do you people jump in with both feet when an article such as this is posted. The article is written by an insignificant nobody who has no connection with Tottenham Hotspur what so ever and it’s obviously written with the intention of provoking angry reactions. I would’nt be at all surprised if the author is an envious little gooner.