Brandish’s fifteen men to watch in 2013 – who is going to be influential in tech, style, sport and politics?

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So 2012, a year that promised much, and in the case of the odd sporting event at least delivered in spades, is heading for the exit door.

What then will 2013 bring? Who are going to be the key people that we will be talking about in tech, sport and style?

Our rather small panel of Brandish writers got together then to name the 15 people we think are going to have a very good year in 2013. Some have achieved incredible things already, others will become much higher profile next year. We may of course be way off the mark, but at this point if we were betting men these are the 15 we’d be slapping the cash on.

So here’s the list. Who have we missed?

Pics from various sources – some are PA. The Martin Brighty pic was originally from the excellent Modcast.

Chuka Umunna

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Just don't call him Britain's Obama! Chuka Umunna is on course to be the highest profile Black British politician so far. He has excelled in his role as Shadow Business Secretary, apparently has the ear of pal Ed Miliband and can be both generous and funny on Twitter. After the 90s Indie loving backbencher Stella Creasey, Umunna is our favourite Labour politician. Both have charm and charisma in spades and both have recently performed some effective coalition-bashing on BBC's Question Time.