Beatles albums now just £7.99 on iTunes and their six most under rated albums

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If Macca fronting Nirvana wasn’t quite your thing then maybe you’ll like this more. Apple is now offering almost all of The Beatles albums on iTunes at a reduced price of £7.99 each. The offer is apparently for a limited period only, so if you do fancy adding a bit more of the Fabs to your life you’ll need to move pronto. The albums are also around the same price on CD at Amazon and probably a lot cheaper on vinyl at a charity shop near you.

But which one to buy? Beatles fans are split between between the pop art perfection of Revolver and vaudevillian psych of Seargent Pepper as to which is their finest moment ( I go with the Pepper).

Assuming that you already have those two – plus The White Album, Abbey Road a singles collection or two what should come next.

Here then are six of the band’s most under-rated albums. The number one might even contain the best music they ever recorded.

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Many Beatles fans think that their golden run of albums started with Rubber Soul, but the film soundtrack that preceded it, Help, was almost as good. There are a few duff tracks, but then there's also You're Going To Lose That Girl, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away and the jangly I Need You alongside the trio of evergreens, Help, Yesterday and Ticket To Ride. It is one of those albums that still sounds remarkably fresh all these years on.