Blaze – a genius bike light – gets funded by Kickstarter

Ashley Cycling Leave a Comment

There has been some good stuff on crowdfunding site Kickstarter this year but this might just be the best so far. The BLAZE Bike Light is an innovative light for urban cyclists that aims to tackle one of the biggest causes of cycling fatalities – being caught in the blind spot and vehicles turning across an unseen bike.

The theory runs that most cyclists are hit when they are travelling straight ahead and a vehicle maneuvers into them, largely due to their small footprint and position on the road.

What Blaze does is project a symbol of a bike down the round up to five metres in front of the cyclist, so that anyone in a car, or more likely a lorry or van, can see that there is a cyclist behind them.

It has been developed by Emily Brooke and was originally put on Kickstarter with a funding fee of £25,000. It closes tomorrow and already has over £50,000 in pledges. Emily came up with the idea while a student in Brighton and she worked with Brighton & Hove City Council, Brighton & Hove Bus Company, road safety experts and driving psychologists to develop the concept.

If you want to to get one now you will need to pledge at least £60. They use a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium cells (though exploring the use of larger cells) and with the LED light plus the laser module on constant, the current prototypes last up to 6 hours. If you use flashing mode, they will last up to 12 hours.

I am sure we will get an update about further availability shortly.