The five best ever kids TV shows (for adults) – Press Gang, Horrible Histories and more

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So the BBC is finally pulling the plug on showing kids programmes on mainstream channels like BBC 1 and if you want to entertain your youngsters you’ll now have to plonk them in front of CBBC or any one of about a hundred US channels.

In the general scheme of things this matters very little. It does however give me a cheesy hook to highlight five great kids programmes that quite frankly are wasted on the little blighters.

These five are all solid gold viewing for adults – some intentionally so, others just because they offer a snapshot of a fascinating period of time.

The number one is a current programme and if you don’t have kids you quite probably know nothing about it.

What would you add to the list?

5 The Tomorrow People

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Thames TV's flagship kids sci-fi show from the 70s was brilliant first time round and is just as much fun now. If Dr Who relfected the BBC in the 70s, inspired but a little earnest, Tomorrow People personified ITV, much more groovy and packed with cool pop culture references. The crew, named Homo Superior as they have reached the next stage of human evolution, are blessed with special powers which enables them to among other things, read each other's minds and teleport themselves using a special belt. The team got involved in some wonderful, if at times, controversial capers. The most notorious of which, Hitler's Last Secret, had half of London's kids decked out in Nazi regalia and the German dictator returning in the guise of an alien, ready to establish the fouth reich. The plots are ingenious, the charactars lovable (especially the chirpy Mike Bell who joined the cast in series four) and there's a visionary view of tech too. I wonder if Steve Jobs was a fan, because take a look at what's on the table? It doesn't half look like an iPad. It is available on DVD if you want a closer look.