The five best ever kids TV shows (for adults) – Press Gang, Horrible Histories and more

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So the BBC is finally pulling the plug on showing kids programmes on mainstream channels like BBC 1 and if you want to entertain your youngsters you’ll now have to plonk them in front of CBBC or any one of about a hundred US channels.

In the general scheme of things this matters very little. It does however give me a cheesy hook to highlight five great kids programmes that quite frankly are wasted on the little blighters.

These five are all solid gold viewing for adults – some intentionally so, others just because they offer a snapshot of a fascinating period of time.

The number one is a current programme and if you don’t have kids you quite probably know nothing about it.

What would you add to the list?

3 Tyrant King

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This is a fascinating one. The six episode series was shot in the late 60s and basically follows a group of kids as they hare round the capital in search of a drug dealer who is planning a rendezvous at a place inhabited by the mysterious Tyrant King. What makes it so interesting is that it was the first project of Mike Hodges who within two years would be directing Get Carter. He choose three smart kids, kitted them out in the latest Carnaby Street threads and chose all his fave psych bands (Pink Floyd, The Nice, Cream) to deliver the soundtrack. He was also having fun with the cinematography creating the type of vistas that would become known as his trademark after his first film. So you can forget the plot and revel in the visual experience of London in the 60s with some superb music as an accompaniment. The Tyrant King is available now on DVD.