10 things we changed our minds about in 2012 – from red trousers to big phones

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We are British, and let’s face it we can be fickle. We might have a thing for an underdog one year, but the minute they start realising their potential and being successful we enjoy nothing more than taking them down a peg or two.

Here then are ten things we changed our mind about in 2012. These are things that we accepted as wisdom for at least some of the year, but revised our opinions on. Some in a negative way, but a surprising number in a positive way.

What have I missed?

6 Men wearing red trousers

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Two years ago the only men wearing red trousers were inhabitants of the shires who teamed them up with tweedy jackets and barbours. One year ago they started popping up in hipster haunts as the craze for coloured chinos took off. Now everyone loves red trousers. And the writers of that blog Look At My Fucking Red Trousers which catalogues people wearing red trousers in a, how shall we put this, less than celebratory way, are starting to look a bit silly.