Why Spurs now have a stronger squad than Arsenal – and this from a Gooner

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Up until this season if you had suggested to an Arsenal fan that their pals at the other end of the Seven Sisters Road had a stronger squad you would have probably been chased all the way back to Edmonton.

However, as the season progresses and Arsenal’s results and performances get weirder and weirder, it has become painfully obvious to a lot of Gooners that the superiority over their neighbours that they once took for granted, might be about to come to an end.

At the time of writing both teams are, along with Everton, the key contenders for that fourth Champions League slot. If you asked me though who I think will be hosting Champions League games next season I’d say it is more likely to be Spurs – and this from a Gooner. And it isn’t just me. Catch them in a more reflective moment and many Arsenal fans would agree that their worst fears might soon be about to be realised.

I have gone through both squads and compared the Arsenal and Spurs players (to be fair I am way more familiar with the Gunners, but I have watched a lot of the Spuds on the TV this season) and the sad part is that, while it is still pretty close, in certain key areas, Tottenham have the edge. There is probably a greater number of Spurs players who I wish were wearing red and white than probably since the late 80s, and fewer Arsenal men that Spurs fans covet.

So, take the tour and say what you think in the comments. Like most Arsenal fans I remain optimistic, but that optimism is born out of two things – 1 A feeling that we have managed to sneak a Champions League slot so many times before. 2 That Ivan Gazidis isn’t kidding when he says that Arsene Wenger has plenty of cash to spend in January. Whether Arsene spends it though is another matter.

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William Gallas!? You are welcome to him. I know he has been fairly solid for a couple of season at Spuds now, but I wouldn't swap any of Arsenal's defensive trio for him. The sad thing for Arsenal is that while Mertesacker has acclimatised to the Premiership this season, Vermaelen seems to be only half the player he was in his first two seasons. Kaboul and Dawson are obviously good players, but neither are Ledley King and neither are coveted at the Emirates. Interesting too isn't it that both Vermaelen and Vertonghen have played on the left and centre back this year. It seems neither of them are that keen on playing as a full back, though I agree with AVB and think that Vertonghen works best there. Finally it is worth mentioning that Arsenal have leaked fewer goals than Spurs this season and that is largely down to the centre back pairing.

By Ashley | December 27th, 2012

  • Fuckgooners

    Mate don’t know why your saying bales on his way to barca when your blatantly their feeder club. Your a selling club laughing stock and glad you finally adit we are stronger than you. Enjoy 6th

  • PuppaH

    Spurs fan here, only players I’d welcome into our starting 11 from your side is Whilshere, Carzola & Walcott

    Carzorla is the type of player we need to complete our midfield. (Sandro, Dembele, Carzorla)

    Whilshere will be the best english player around in 5 years time – no doubt

    Walcott as shit as he can be (much like lennon) just seems to score alot more than lennon

  • goonerforever

    fuckspurs and ur fans to you sht cnt you win 1 game mouth of  as if u won the world cup f off and keep ur smelly mouth shut befor u catch flys in gob

  • Dru@foumded1882

    THFC’s squad has been better than Arsenals for the last three years. We now have the ability to put out a first class eleven on a more regular basis even with the injuries we have had to deal with.

  • Dru@founded1882

    Forgot to add, well written article.

  • Zigzag

    Utter bollocks mate. We’ll see at the end of the season who’s the stronger team so don’t excite your spud pals, you must know how excitable they are.

  • goonerforever

    first class team got batterd 5. 2 just in case you forgot so soon

  • If you really think that 5pur2 will be sniffing that rarified air of finishing above us, let alone a UCL place, you’ve truly lost the plot. Even without marquee names and signings and before the transfer window and despite our spotty showings, they can’t get past us on points or goal differential. It’s a long season and plenty of games to go but the wheels will fall off of that wagon soon enough.

  • Tomaswojtyga

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch . Arsenal and Tottenham are both selling clubs, just so happens Arsenal have had more great players to sell. Bale is as good as gone , fact is neither one of the clubs are capable to holding on to players like RVP or Bale any more.

  • Levent

    Are you having a laugh? you were getting battered
    until the ref helped you out. You must be pretty 
    desperate if you have to use that game as as example
    of superiority. You mug!

  • Guest

    yeah, we get exited.. (mostly laughter) every time we hear what a “big” club
    the arse is! 

  • Spurian

    you forgot to mention spurs have a better training centre and soon to have a much much much better stadium   

  • you’re a prick

    Same old shit every year……Just fuck offf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just thought I’d let you know that, contrary to what you read in the Metro, Hugo Lloris has been our number one for a while now…Friedel signing a new contract has little to do with that, its more about him staying around as reliable back-up, experience, and old head, potential coach, etc.

  • In fact…when did you write this article, and what on earth did you base it on? Vertonghen has featured at left back to cover for Assou-Ekotto…no one is under the impression that its his best, or intended position. Sagna hasnt been as consistent as he was before the major injury(s). Where are you getting your info on AVB’s opinions? You claim to agree with/not understand many of them…maybe because theyre not HIS opinions, but those of The Sun/MOTD? This article is nonsense, and Im a spurs fan. It feels like it was written two years ago, with a couple of October 2012 edits.

  • Alle

    Lol u talk like a idiot

  • Spurian

    arsenal colours remind me of a used tampon!

  • Bt62 Gooner

    Hope your’re not implying spudz are a “big” club,that would get us all excited (MOSTLY LAUGHTER)……LOL!

  • Fergus

    It’s always a small fry trying to act big and tell others how good they are now compared to others. esp Arsenal. Many seasons they have BIG mouths but ultimately  have to keep their mouth shut at the end of season. Can;t even qualify for CL. Don;’t make me laugh with this article. It’s crap.

  • Lallijohns

    lloris > schezny , sagna = walker , ekkotto = gibbs, mertesacker > kaboul , vermalaen = vertonghen, sandro = arteta , wilshere = dembele , cazorla > demspey/sigurðsson, walcott > lennon, adebayor,defoe > giroud, bale > podolski 
    so i would say 3 3 total. very similiar teams tbf. Wenger > avb so i think arsenal will nick the 4th

  • ILMC

    *An idiot

  • ILMC

    *You talk

  • Gooners talk shit

    These gooner Wankers coming on here talking about there 5, 2 result that only happened because of the ref ….Webb. Who will always try to give teams against us a helping hand. And ill tell you why

    What was the difference between the challenge Adebayor made against the diving cheat Corzola and the one Suarez made on Begovic

    I’ll te you …. A booking rather than a sending off
    So gooners the only reason you won was because the ref was feeling sorry for you otherwise you were going to get smashed

  • AdeybywhorE

    Why does the fans who support the anorexic chicken balancing on a basketball (spurs fans) pretend to be 13 time championship winners arsenal fans when they write blogs it’s pathetic tottenham are not a bigger club than arsenal everybody knows it last season everton came above Liverpool man city came above man utd but tottenham the team that were in north London before arsenal but still manage not to be the best team in north London did not have the minerals to come in front of us and even if you ever did witch u won’t it would be a one off like when Porto or Chelsea one the champions league everyone in the work knows arsenal are a bigger club than tottenham even if tottenham got messi arsenal would still be a bigger club so the anorexic chicken fans that are fascinated with arsenal plz go and watch your team on channel 5 ok

  • Yiddo

    Ha Ha Ha Ha You goons are a deluded bunch, your keeper is crap, your defence is the worst goon defence i can ever remember, your midfield is so so & your strikers are clowns ! But hey, in Arsene you Rust !

  • Goonerton

    Oh that old chestnut?  Sorry I mean “Oh that 16yr old chestnut”.

    Been hearing this s**t for nearly 20 years and counting.  It must so p*** spuds off because every time they play the best football they possibly can and they peak The Arsenal are either in front of them playing s*** or just behind playing s*** before they start peaking and end up finishing the season ahead. 

    Nuff said.

  • Liamrobinson85@yahoo.

    The gooners only got third handed on a plate by shit goal keeping on the last day and you know it Coys!!!!!

  • Brdunner

    Learn “we will finish higher than arsenal” in Latin and make it the club motto. What rubbish

  • Hgfgg

    Lol the guy that wrote the artical is an arsenal fan not spurs. He’s just saying what your all thinking

  • abcde

    Your grammar is awful. Pretty much sums up you illiterate ass-nil scummers! 

  • joshtottenham

    Spurs have been missing –
    Best Left back, 1 first choice CB, Player of last season, and first choice striker for the vast majority of the season through injury. Thats 4 key players – if anything Spurs should get better as these players return. Of course if Arsenal buy an actual striker, or a footballing brain for Walcott/Gervinho, then they might improve too…I think its fairly even right now, but Spurs have had more significant injury problems.

  • The Deluded Spuds

    Stronger Squad.
    Tottenham’s fantastic start to the prem.
    Arsenal’s worst ever start since Wenger arrived.
    And yet with Arsenal’s game in hand – Arsenal are ABOVE them!!!!

    So Tottenham’s BEST is still not as good as Arsenal’s WORST!


    Dream on.

    2 games – 10 goals spanked past them.  Yeah, what a better team they have.

  • Easy as ABC

    He calls the guy illiterate ….. and then follows it up with nonsensical words like ass-nil scummers!!!  HAHAHA.  Even Arse-nil would’ve made more sense as that at least is the correct spelling, but I guess your tiny brain-cell was in overload at that point.  And that my Deluded Fool sums you up perfectly.  You think you’re smart, but are more stupid than the pig-ignorant parents that spawned you, just like your club who thinks it is a big club – even though big clubs do not go 52 years without winning a title!  But I feel your lonely pain.  Now be a good boy, and go back to school in your semen-stained XXXL Klinsmann shirt and maybe one day you’ll get a girlfriend and leave all this behind you.  You sad sad little man.

  • Dave

    Pretty good analysis although I do disagree with a couple of your points.  I think that Kaboul and Vertonghen have the potential to be the leagues best central defensive partnership.   Kaboul is a beast in the air and vertonghen is a beast in the tackle and bringing the ball forward.

    Also, I agree that Wilshire is the best out of the central midfielders but I would put Dembele, Sandro and Parker in 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot on the list so overall you could argue that the spuds have a better central midfield

  • Dick023

    whilst as an Arsenal fan i kinda agree that spurs have a stronger team (although i see i brighter future for Arsenal) it felt as though you bigged Arsenal up in areas over spurs and made us seem the stronger team… not a criticism really as I agree with what you have written! to be honest even if they finish above us and do well in the Champions league a great team is about consistency and I think that Arsenal have been consistently challenging and winning the top four race not just one flash in the pan!

  • nmbrown

    Another website to add to the ‘hide’ list on Newsnow. Full of idiots spouting rubbish.

  • Bash

    Not going to get into a slanging match with gooners (not worth the energy) however, I do believe that this spurs team look less vulnerable to being rolled over than under HR. Sandro has been an absolute beast ( most amount of successful tackles this year) Super Jan is the man, Lloris is looking better each time I see him play, Lennon looks reborn (for now!) Bale? needs to stay on his feet more and shake diver tag, defoe and ade combo will come good, Dembele is too powerful (saw that at OT) when Kaboul, BAE and parker come to fitness and form we’ll be solid and spurs v arsenal in march will be closer (if we keep 11 on the pitch). Btw, Theo needs to stay and play CF, get a new LW and AOC will cover theo shaped hole on wing nicely. Wilshere= class, Cazorla truly could be better than fabregas ever was, would be nice to see chelsea drop out of top 4 and arsenal an spurs make top 4. Would make my year COYS

  • Bash

    Fergus? Id keep shtoom with a name like that. Prawn sandwich brigade? u know nothing. Probably only support “the arsenal” because seats always free in directors box. Mug 

  • Bash


  • Fergus

    Well.. No names bashing and personal to begin with. . But if u Bash is looking for it, seriously yr name sounds more like being BASHED and being a BASxxxx…. U know more?? Let’s see at the end of season and I’ll laughed as yr pants dropped!