Goths looking awkward in everyday situations – genius Facebook page

Ashley Video 1 Comment

If you have a spare few minutes check out this rather lovely new Facebook page. It is called Goths in Awkward Everyday Situations and features images and videos of our dark-hearted pals in normal boring everyday situations such as shopping, holding a baby, hanging by the pool etc.

Its mantra is

It can be hard to be the dark lord when your mom needs you to pick up the shopping from Tesco.

Anyhow even though it is barely 48n hours old it is picking up friends at an astonishing rate. And before you ask it isn’t really piss-takey, just kind of sweet. Made me want to dig out my old Rose of Avalanche albums.

Below are Goths doing it Gangman style. So that’s what they get up to. What no chicken blood!?