The ten most popular Premiership players – the ones you admire and respect

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If you were to do a poll to find out who is the most popular player in the Premiership Robin Van Persie would probably win at canter given the billions of United fans across the globe who would vote for him.

But is he really the most popular player in the Premiership? Thought not. So I asked a highly cultured group of footy fans to name who their favourite Premiership players are, the catch being¬† that they couldn’t nominate anyone from their own team – and naming a player from their rivals was positively encouraged.

So which players do you admire? Who do you like watching? Who do you respect? And who would you think would be top value if you went for a drink with them?

Here are the ten players we came up with. Tell us who we missed in the comments.

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6 Jack Wilshere

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Wilshere's return a couple of months ago was a bitter sweet moment for non-Arsenal fans. While it was great to see a young man return from an extended lay off, it is never that great to see a player as talented as Wilshere back playing for a rival team. The 21 year old is idiolised at Arsenal and is respected across the land. Like Scholes he can be a bit OTT in the tackle, but he is sharp, always interesting in his post-match interviews and very generous with his time in doing charitable work. Theo Walcott also has his admirers, as does young right back Carl Jenkinson. I guess Santi Cazorla might have made the list had he not been involved in a dive or two recently (see also Gareth Bale)